Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Month Checkup

No pictures today, since my batteries won't hold a charge.

Ean had his two month checkup yesterday. Baby boy weighs 16 pounds, 5 ounces! He's in the 99th percentile. I knew he was big, but I didn't realize he was that big!

He got a rotavirus vaccine, and I got chewed out for not doing the other vaccines just yet. I have a feeling we're about to be discharged from the doctor's office, because every time we go there I get reamed for vaccines. It's not that my kids arne't vaccinated. They just aren't vaccinated on the doctor's schedule. I don't feel that it's safe to bombard their tiny systems with so many foreign substances at once. They end up having most of their vaccines by the time they're 5 (except Hepatitis and Chicken Pox, because we don't give those.) This is not good enough for the doctor, apparently.

So anyway, he seems to have no reaction to the rotavirus vaccine, which is good, and his spitting up is obviously not reflux since he's gaining so much weight. Momma's little chunky-butt. :D

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  1. Good on you! I am actually anti-vaccine these days. I was co-erced into it after not keeping a strict schedule too up until the "before school:" ones. Then I started reading what was in them (after one child had a severe reaction to one of them) and stopped. My children have not had any since.

    All of my children still had measles (2 of them before the vaccines and it made not an ounce of difference to the severity).

    A lot of my friends have not vaccinated their kids at all and they are all extremely healthy kids. I think it should be a personal choice.

    Your little man is adorable, he is growing so fast.


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