Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I am Thinking About

I don't think I can bullshit my way into a 20 week ultrasound with the OB. They are already furious with me for getting the last ultrasound, then cancelling my prenatal appointments. They keep calling me to reschedule, and I keep telling them I don't need to see the doctor. They're persistent fuckers though, calling me every other day. I stopped answering their calls.

I'm also thinking about baby names, and this part is tricky, because all of our kids' names start with E. And their middle names are one syllable with a long "a" sound, like Rain. (Which is a great middle name, except our middle names are all classic names, and Rain wouldn't fit in.)

I like Ean for a boy, but it sounds like my son's name. I like Ellice for a girl, but my sister in law wants to name a future girl that. I am out of E names, except the nerdy ones. Dammit.


  1. Earnest, Elliot, Emory, Emerson, ella, eleanor,elsbet,erydice some I had thought about...

  2. I did intelligender last time. That's the cup one, right? It was correct for me, and kind of fun to do. I wasn't going to cry if it was wrong, though.

    Actually, I might have cried if it was wrong, because I really, really. Really. Wanted it to be right. So I guess I was lucky it was correct for me! I saw the kits at Walgreens the other day, which was crazy.

  3. how about eli? that was my first choice when i found out we were having a boy, but my hubby won out.


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