Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering

If you are 37 weeks pregnant, give or take, and you are not accustomed to moving faster than a slow walk, do not be alarmed when you take off running and feel a warm trickle. It's not your water breaking. It's, ah, something else.

Just in case you wanted to know.

Today The Babe decided to "help" me with the birth kit and baby clothes and the three dozen prefolds in my dresser. He took everything out and unfolded it, and then put it all back in this big bin that holds my birth stuff, and then he dumped it out and started over again.
Hopefully the floor is cleanish, because I don't feel like washing all that stuff again. (In fact, I know the floor is cleanish, because the carpet was just put in three weeks ago. So it's probably the cleanest it will ever be.)

I found out today I need to buy a new, sterile bulb syringe. I have two, but they get used frequently and I guess I didn't even think about the fact that they are difficult, if not impossible, to sterilize.

No signs of baby yet. Today I feel like it could be another month.

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