Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had my Blessingway. The baby clothes are clean and folded. There are tiny little diapers stacked on the changing table. My birth kit is assembled. Everything is ready for a new little person.... but the new little person is still snug and warm and showing no signs of wanting to leave it's current home.

I'm kind of at my wit's end with being pregnant. I hurt. I feel like a Barbie doll - like you could just pull my legs right off. Sideways. My back is sore and I have trouble moving, especially if I've been sitting for awhile. I'm crabby and irritable. I'm sick of having to pee every thirty four seconds.

So... we wait. Baby will come when baby is ready. The midwife says the baby feels term and currently 8 or 9 pounds. The baby is posterior but has lots of room to move around still, and it really could be any day. I just hope it's sooner than later.


  1. Oh, god how I hate the overdue. I went ten days over with Miles and I seriously thought he was going to crawl out of my mouth or something. Fingers crossed it will be SOON. Maybe s/he was just waiting for you to get rid of the wasps.

  2. Hugs and smoochies, nearly there and yes baby will come when he or she is good and ready. My little darlings liked to stay in their snug home as long as possible. The last one was 14 days over and he was 9.6 pounds. I know he was well and truly late as the placenta was very depleted, likes his food that boy! LOL!

    I really feel for you and your poor bladder! Oh what memories! Sending you a cyber massage for your achy bits! Hugs and smoochies xxoxoxo


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