Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birth Place.

We're moving. We found the perfect house and we bought it and now we're moving, and I can't wait.

There is this great room. The Hub calls it a breezeway but I call it a great room, and I love it because no matter what time of day, it's filled with natural light. It's probably my favorite room in the house. I plan to put a table in there, and all the kids' art supplies, because it has linoleum floors for easy clean up.

But before I do that, I plan to have a baby there.

As we were touring houses, I tried to imagine myself giving birth in each one. I'm glad we got the one we did, because this house, this room in particular, screamed to me. It is the perfect place to have a baby.
I love it because it's close to the bathroom, should I want to shower or bathe or sit on the toilet. And it's close to the bedroom, should I decide the bed is a more comfortable place. And it's got a sliding glass door that overlooks... nothing. Just a yard. From the street, you can't even tell this part of the house exists. So I can be naked and laboring and really connect with the primal, animal, laboring-mother part of me, without fear of neighbors hearing or cars driving by.

The linoleum on the floor is great, should I decide to get a birth pool. And not only does it have the sliding glass doors, it also has a door on the other side of the room, which I can open, leaving the screen closed, if I feel like I need fresh air. It has a completely secluded deck so if I want to go outside and labor awhile, I can do that.

We haven't closed on the house yet, and the room is filthy right now, but here it is. My perfect birth place:

And here is the view of my private little deck, from my birth room:

Just looking at these photos makes me happy. I feel like I can finally get back to the business of being pregnant, because now I know for sure where my baby will be born, and it's a good, happy place.

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  1. oh i'm so happy for you. it seems like such a nice place to have a baby, very peaceful. I hoping all goes well for you. And I am praying that it all goes good for you. Very excited for you and your babes and hubby.
    take care Ninja Mom!


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