Monday, August 10, 2009

Meeting the Doula

I met my doula today. Her name is Kellie, and she is fantastic. She is very low-key and quiet, just the type of person you want with you when you're laboring. She's never had a chance to attend a homebirth, so she'll be providing my doula services for free. You can't get better than free folks, unless you can also figure out a way to get a cash rebate for something free. I haven't figured it out yet.

Today I'm 30 weeks pregnant. 30 weeks! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday I was staring at two pink lines on a pregnancy test? I can't believe thirty weeks have gone by so quickly. That means I have anywhere from 8-12 weeks left of pregnancy, but I'm going with ten and hoping I deliver around my due date.

We close on our house this coming up Thursday. That is a huge relief for me. I have been so worried about the closing date, because I need to get EJ and Four enrolled in school, and I can't enroll them without proof of residency. This means I can get them enrolled and get all the school supplies and clothes and shoes purchased and not have to worry about that on top of moving. What I should do is get a big huge plastic storage tote and put all the school stuff in that, so it doesn't get lost in the move.

I'm also geeked because it means I can really start planning the birth. It's hard to plan a birth when you don't have a place to plan it. I can get started scrubbing my new house, and picking out carpeting and paint and stuff.

So anyway, thirty weeks. They say the baby weighs about three pounds now, and will gain 1/2 pound a week from here on out. That would mean an 8 pound baby, but mine tend to be a little heavier than that. (Okay a lot heavier.)

I can't believe October is this close already...


  1. I'm getting really excited about this baby. I've been following along since early on and it's getting closer all the time. Congratulations on the new home!!! You've got lots of time to get ready for baby, lots of opportunity to nest and then rest!

    Mine are a lot heavier than 8 fact, my first was 8lbs and she was my biggest was 9lbs 10oz.


  2. craziness! Everything seems to working out for you, i'm so happy about that.


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