Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Week with Ean

Yesterday Ean turned a week old. He likes to nurse and be held and cuddled. He doesn't like to have his diaper changed or be undressed. He likes to be in the carseat, but only if the car is moving.

We have not been to the doctor yet. I guess this is for two reasons - first, I don't see any reason to. Ean is healthy. Secondly, the doctor's office is full of sick children, and I don't want to expose any of the kids to more germs than we have to.

So, I have no idea how much Ean weighs now. He nurses great and seems content so I don't worry about his weight.

I am healing fine. I still have some pain in my pelvic bones, especially if I move too quickly. I also get tired out fairly easily, but I never have an opportunity to nap. I had a couple days where I pretty much laid in bed all day but now I am so stir-crazy that I just can't rest. I need to get out and about. It's hard to have a baby during flu season, because you want to get out but you don't want to expose the baby to anything. We've gone out a few times and I just make sure no one touches him or even really looks at him, and we use hand sanitizer frequently.

I still miss being pregnant but I have such a beautiful baby. I am a lucky momma indeed.

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