Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A big milestone!!

I know, I haven't updated in almost a month, because, to be honest, three month old babies are only interesting to their parents.

Ean will be four months old on Feb. 27, and he has been working on all his three month milestones. He makes so much eye contact and laughs all the time now. He loves Itsy Bitsy Yoga - even when he's crying, I can always elicit a grin with a few yoga poses. He weighs about 19 pounds now and he wears size 12 months clothes.

He goes to sleep at 8pm every night, on the dot. He wakes up at 3am for a nurse, and then back to sleep until 6, which he thinks is the perfect time to get up for the day. We disagree on that.

He hates to be on his belly, which is why I was totally surprised by the amazing thing he did today - he rolled over!!

He was lying on my bed, on his back, watching me talk to The Hub. He started grunting and straining, so I looked down, and he was on his side. He worked so hard until finally, bloop! over on his belly he went. And then he started crying, because he hates to be on his belly. I can't blame him. There isn't much to look at down there.

I can't believe how quickly time has passed. It makes me a little sad to put away his 6 and 9 month clothes, knowing there will never be another baby wearing them. But, I am consoled by the fact that all those clothes will have squares cut from them and be made into a beautiful quilt for him to treasure forever. (I would give them to a needy family, but most are in pretty sad shape after all these kids.)

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