Saturday, March 28, 2009

So much for instincts.

Up until yesterday, I had the utmost confidence in myself and my body. I have always listened to and trusted my gut instincts and, until yesterday, they never steered me wrong.
So when I felt sure that I had lost the baby, I accepted it. I KNEW I wasn't going to have a baby. I could tell by the way I felt. I no longer felt life energy within me.

I went in for the ultrasound yesterday evening, after much cajoling and coaxing from the nurse at our backup OB's office. The doctor put the probe in (yes, in, and I will never get used to that) and there on the screen, was a little alien. An alien with tiny legs that were kicking all over, and arms that moved from belly to face and back again. And a heartbeat, bumping away at 160 beats per minute.

It's big now, a lot bigger than it was last time. And its very much alive. It measured 11 weeks 3 days, a week ahead of where the last ultrasound put me, and it looks it has a penis, but that's misleading because boys and girls look the same at this stage. I have a picture that I will show you later - I can't do it now, because my mother in law is here, and she doesn't know we're expecting.


  1. I'm glad you went in. It must be a relief to know what's going on.

  2. Ohhh... I am so happy that your body was misleading you. I can't imagine the way you felt when you seen those little parts just moving around and the heart beat fluttering!

  3. I'm so glad you got in quickly. It must've been awful waiting.


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