Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Soon We Forget

I can't believe I forgot about this part of pregnancy - the HUNGER! I can't seem to get enough to eat, and instead of grabbing half a sandwich to tide me over for 20+ hours, I now find myself eating at least four full meals a day.

Today alone I ate:

1 bagel with cream cheese
2 oz smoked whitefish
1 cup coffee with cream
1 bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar
an entire can of tomato soup
a turkey sandwich on 12 grain bread, with swiss cheese & horseradish mustard
three ears of corn
a slice of cherry pie
2 glasses of rich chocolate ovaltine, mmm
a big bowl of pasta salad
a small bowl of mint chocolaty chip ice cream
2 bananas
...and one starburst.

It's not dinner time yet. I'm planning on having grilled chicken, more pasta salad, broccoli, and a big giant bowl of sliced strawberries for dessert.

I haven't gained much weight at all... I think that trend is about to change. Now I need to go get another snack.


  1. so jealous...i'm in that postpartum period where it seems like all that weight i gained during my pregnancy will NEVER come off. oh, how i would love a snack right now.


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