Thursday, June 18, 2009

More name ideas

For a girl, I think I love Elia Autumn. I can't decide how to spell it though - Elia, Ellia, Elya, Ellya. I think one of the first two though - it looks too trendy with a "y." This name does not fit with the first four though. Their middle names are all a single syllable, long "a," as in Mae or Ray. Elia Autumn just really fits though and I think I love it. Truly.

If this baby is a boy, his namr will be Ewan. But what middle name? Daniel? Too biblical... ugh. Not my style. Ewan James is nice, but that's The Babe's middle name. Ewan Elyas? I think I like that - Ewan Elyas. His initials would be EES, not too weird right? Don't know if Hubs'll go for it though...

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