Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meeting the Midwife

I met the midwife today. So I guess that seals the deal, a new baby. The midwife was awesome. She understood my ambivalence at being pregnant again and seemed to really care about us all and the outcome. She is a licensed midwife, but not a nurse-midwife. She's what you might call a traditional midwife, and I am excited to see her throughout pregnancy.

So that means this baby will be born at home. All four of mine were born in the hospital (more birth stories to come,) but I know I can do it at home. I know its no big deal for me to have a baby. I've done it four times, and the last three were unbelievably easy, physically. So there is no reason for me, as a healthy woman in my mid (okay late) twenties to be in the hospital for a birth.

Of course, things can change. There might be complications that require a doctor's care or even a hospital's care. There might be two in there (please God don't let there be two.) Anything could happen, but they probably won't.

I liked the midwife because she looked like The Hub's aunt, who I adore. And also because she smelled like essential oils and her office smelled like an herb shop, and in her office she had primitive statues of mothers giving birth and lots of candles and stuff. Her office is in a big old building, and even though there is carpet and nice paint, you can still tell you are in an old place. And I love old places.

On a completely unrelated note, I think I am going to paint my bathroom blue.

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  1. So cool you are going to do it at home. I just talked to a midwife and looking into doing a 4th one at home. Looking forward to hearing your experience with it. I want to do a water birth, are you thinking that direction?


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